Google Maccabees Update Analysis

Looking for a Google Maccabees update analysis? If so, you are in the right place at the right time because we can give you what you want down the line. Google wants to give its users the best content out there, and the Google Maccabees update is a major update too.

This Google Maccabees update affected a lot of website owners in December 2018. We will let you know what the Google Maccabees update was all about, and you will truly appreciate this information. Therefore, read on so you can find out more about it too.

Algorithm Update Fun

The Maccabees update happened in December. Search Engine Journal quickly wrote about it because it was an important update from big G too. This update kicks out a lot of website from affiliates right away. Websites with low-quality content and bad links were kicked out right away.

Keyword Permutations

These sites that got hit by these updates were those with tons of keyword permutations. Let’s give you an example. A service website might target a specific city and a specific service on a landing page, and then they would target the same city with just a different service.

Low Value

Love value sites were also hit. And the same is true for affiliate sites. They have to understand that Google wants quality content because they depend on this. The owners of these websites have to understand this down heh the line too. They have to understand this as soon as possible.

Remember that the Google Maccabees update has kicked out a lot of low-quality sites out there. This is important for you to know these days. You should avoid churning out low-quality content these days because Google will hit your website sooner or later.

You should give your visitors a high-quality experience by writing top-tier content at all times. You should also avoid using tons of affiliate links on your website because this will be no good for you down the road.

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